“Quedarse dormido” is such a nice Spanish idiom!

In Spanish there are many idiomatic expressions with the verb “quedarse” (a reflexive verb which means to stay in a place, not to move away): “quedarse dormido” is one of them, a lovely idiom to learn and use in conversation.

So “quedarse” combines with different words to make very common expressions, whose meaning is not always straightforward, as in this case.

Do you have any clue about this idiom? 

Starting from the words that compose an idiomatic expression is not always helpful as the real meaning might be far from the literal one. This is why during our Spanish courses we constantly dedicate time to idioms in order to learn the most common ones and make students aware of them, so that they become able to understand them and use them when speaking Spanish.

Quedarse dormido” means “to fall asleep”: we normally use it when someone involuntarily falls asleep, oversleeps or doesn’t wake up on time.

Let’s see how to use it!

Spanish English
Aparentemente se quedó dormido mientras manejaba. Apparently he fell asleep while he was driving.
Me quedo dormido en clases de vez en cuando. Every now and then I fall asleep in the class.
¿Eres de los que se quedan dormidos en el autobús? Are you one of those who fall asleep on the bus?


Easy, isn’t it? Try to write an example now! You can think of the last time that you fell asleep on the bus or on the tube and write a sentence using the idiomatic expression you’ve just discovered!


If you want to learn more expressions with “quedarse” watch this lovely video! And if you are passionate about Spanish idiomatic expressions you will definitely enjoy our fantastic Pinterest board!