Travelling around Italy, the Reggia di Caserta is definitely a must-see.

If you have never been to the Reggia di Caserta, it is worth planning a visit: a massive royal realm, the biggest in the world for volume.

In 1750 Carlo di Borbone, king of Naples, decided to build the Kingdom of Naples’ headquarters and chose the beautiful land around the city of Caserta, not far from Naples.

His intention was to have a residence similar to the Versailles‘ one. This is why you can recognise some features of that style in many parts of the complex.

The construction started in 1752 and the palace was inhabited in 1780; however, it was completed only in 1845.

Since 1997, the Royal Palace of Caserta is under the UNESCO Heritage.

Let’s go for a tour in the Reggia di Caserta!

Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace). Last example of the Italian Baroque, it includes 1200 rooms on 5 floors and covers a surface of 47000 square metres.

Within its rectangular floorplan, two buildings intersect and create four internal courtyards.

The first floor was dedicated to the royal apartments: nowadays it is possible to visit all the South side.

Parco Reale (Royal Park). An immense, stunning park which merges the typical Renaissance garden and the new style of the Palace of Versailles.

Starting from the palace, two long parallel paths run until the Fontana Margherita.

Along the paths there are several other fountains beautifully decorated.

Giardino Inglese (English Garden). A fantastic garden starting from the Fontana Margherita, where the apparent caos is just a representation of nature: little paths, lakes, creeks, ancient ruins and exotic plants.

Acquedotto Carolino (Carolino Aqueduct). In order to power the several fountains, Carlo di Borbone ordered to build this aqueduct, an incredible engineering work 38km long and built mostly underground.

Only in one area, above Ponti della Valle, you can see a monumental structure 95m high.

Bosco di San Silvestro (St.Silvestro’s Forest). This huge forest situated North of the monumental building is now a WWF oasis.

A part of it has been turned into a vineyard since this was its original purpose.

In addition, you can have the chance to visit amazing exhibitions that take place in the Palace.

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Ready for your trip to Caserta? You won’t regret it!