All the world is paying a lot of attention to renewable energy.

When it comes to turn to renewable energy, Spain is definitely a country that is taking the risk.

Following an ambitious plan, Spain is trying to switch the whole electricity system to renewable sources by 2050.

This intention makes absolutely clear how serious the climate change is for the country.

Making an effort to replace the sources from which energy is produced is one of the current priorities.

So how are will that be possible?

According to The Guardian and El País, last year in Spain the installation of solar panels was massive.

This is also due to the 80% drop in the cost of solar panels.

The total amount of panels includes a high percentage of self-generating installations.

The government is planning a huge growth over the next 10 years, with the 10-15% of self-generated energy.

Even though experts will have to supervise the solar energy growth in the long term, the current government’s plan is really impressive.

Following this great plan, many companies are going with the flow!

For example, the world’s largest airport operator Aena is planning a big change.

According to what they announced, Madrid and Barcelona airports will switch to solar energy and become carbon neutral by 2030.

It would be a great goal!

What would the outcome be?

Well, first of all this would be a real fight against the climate change and all its scary consequences.

Also, it would be ideal to reduce pollution and breathe a good quality air.

Basically there would be a great improvement either in our everyday life and in a large scale.

The positive thing is that the choice Spain made will inspire other countries, leading them towards a similar process.

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