The Republica Dominicana is in the Caribbean’s island of Hispaniola.

The Republica Dominicana adjoins Haiti, the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea.

On the flag of this beautiful country you can read the three words “Dios, Patria, Libertad” which means “God, Homeland, Freedom”.

If you are looking for a place with blue sea, white beaches and gorgeous nature…well you just found it!

Let’s see together the best places to visit!

Santo Domingo is the capital city of Republica Dominicana.

Here, beyond the amazing beaches, you can find, in the centre of city, the “Ciudad Colonial“, the first colony established by Cristoforo Colombo.

In 1990, UNESCO declared it “World Heritage Site“: you can still find the “Alcazar de Colon” (Colombo’s castle) turned into a museum, and the “Catedral Primada de America“.

Another must-see is the “Los Tres Ojos” National Park.

Here you will see four amazing lakes inside a cave: actually, it is one big lake naturally split in four parts.

La Romana is a less known but not less beautiful city.

One of the most interesting things in this city is the artificial town of “Altos de Chavon“: in 1976 it was built in medieval style, and nowadays you can see a Romanesque church and an amphitheatre in a greek-roman style.

From La Romana you must reach “Isla Catalina“, one of the most authentic places in Republica Dominicana. 

This island is completely empty, without buildings.

The beaches are a real paradise, all the island is surrounded by the barrier reef and because of this, it is protected. This is the perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving!

Not too far from La Romana, the little town of Bayahibe is a very typical town, inhabited by fishermen that lives thanks to the massive tourism.

People here think that the sea of Bayahibe is the best in all the Republica Dominicana, so it is worth a trip!

Samanà is situated in the North West of the Republica Dominicana.

Here you can find the well-known white beaches with their palms as in a dream! If you are in this area, you should go to the “Los Haitises” National Park on the coast, reachable only by boat.

Another place to see is the “El salto del Limon“, a waterfall where Dominican people jump in the water from impressive height.

The best period to go is from December to let’s think about the next holiday!

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