Have you already watched Rocco Schiavone?

Rocco Schiavone is a great Italian TV serie which includes 3 seasons.

Inspired by the books written by Antonio Manzini, this serie has been a great success thanks to the engaging story and fascinating characters.

The title is the name of its gruff protagonist, a widow deputy-commissioner of the Police from Rome who is transferred to Aosta, in the North-West of Italy, as a disciplinary action.

In Aosta Rocco, played by Marco Giallini, can’t adapt to the new city very well and feels the new life quite tough.

However, he keeps doing his job, investigating on a number of crimes with questionable methods.

Rocco’s personal story intertwines with the cases he works on and influences the plot’s development.

Why is Rocco Schiavone so good?

The main reason why we love this TV serie is its unicity: the protagonist is a sort of antihero, who smokes weed and often uses illicit methods.

This is very different from the models commonly offered by most crime fiction, where the Police representatives normally embody the law and thoroughly respect it.

Besides, Rocco’s dark past is gradually unveiled during the three seasons and surprises you with unexpected turning points.

In the background, a cold and fascinating city surrounds Rocco and perfectly matches with the bitter taste of his story.

rocco schiavone

Waiting for the 4th season?

The two new episodes of this amazing serie will be broadcasted by Rai 2 at the beginning of 2021.

Once again, on top of thrilling crimes to resolve, Rocco will face his ghosts and unravel mysteries from his past.

We are so excited, can’t wait to watch the new season!

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  • Mark

    I love Rocco. I want more. Great great characters with comedy and drama mixed together.

    • Paolo La Gamma

      Season 4 is just about to be released:)

    • Linda

      Love love love this series. Please another season or two. It is so extraordinary in so many ways. Love, compassion, humanity and wisdom abound. Thank you Walter Presents for this treasure.

  • Dave

    Can I watch season 4 in U.S. ?

    • Paolo La Gamma

      Hi Dave season 4 is just about to be released in Italy. Not sure when is going to be available in US, hopefully soon:)

  • Joe Cattaneo

    finishing up season 3 on AmazonPrime in the US. Hope season 4 comes soon here.

  • Derek Jones

    Is series 2 available in UK