Ronda is a stunning town built astride a deep gash in the Andalusian mountains.

Ronda is about 100km from Malaga and has become very popular for its location.

This beautiful town literally sits above a ravine, El Tajo gorge, carved by the Guadalevín river, .

This dramatic view and the landscape you can enjoy from the town is definitely worth a trip to Ronda.

In particular, the view from Ponte Nuevo (New Bridge) will take your breath away!

This bridge connects the old Moorish town to the new part of the city and was completed in 1753.

But there is a lot more to discover!

The popularity of Ronda is often linked to the birth of the modern bullfighting in the 18th century.

The famous bullfighter Pedro Romero started fighting against the bull on foot, whilst until then the matador used to be on the horseback.

If you are fascinated by this typical cultural feature, you should visit Plaza de Toros, the Bullring, which is now a museum.

Behind this plaza you can find two spectacular walkways dedicated to Ernst Hemingway and Orson Wells.

If you take a walk along Paseo E Hemingway you will have the chance to enjoy an unforgettable view from a number of balconies hang over the ravine.

It’s scaring but absolutely striking!

A must see are the Arab Baths, in the San Miguel Quarter: they were built in the 13th century and are the best preserved in Spain.

Another trace of the Moorish domination are the city walls and gates, that give you an idea of the old city.

The Moorish influence is visible in the stunning Iglesia de Santa María La Mayor as well.

It was the main mosque of the city which turned into a christian church.

You can see Arabic inscriptions inside and notice a mix of styles that make this church unique.

These are only some of the fantastic corners of Ronda to see!

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