Dreaming about a holiday in Salento?

Salento is in a beautiful southern region between two seas called Puglia.

If you cut this region starting from Taranto and continuing straight to Ostuni, what is left on the right side is the Salento peninsula.

This fascinating area in a strategic position has been sacked and conquered by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans and Saracens.

They left behind some of their culture and traditions making this area a mix of different influences and marking it with beautiful monuments, castles, churches, amphitheatres and much more.

Besides, wherever you go in Salento, food and wine are just amazing and very cheap!

So let’s go through the best places to visit!

Lecce – It is the most important city in Salento and also one of the most enchanting: through the narrow streets in the city centre you can breathe the long history and enjoy the architectural perfection.

In the central square, Piazza Sant’Oronzo, you can see the Roman Amphitheater and, not far from here, the castle, known as Castello di Carlo V.

Among ancient churches and palaces, don’t miss the Roman Theatre, a real hidden treasure.

Otranto – Awesome town situated in the most Eastern part of Italy, full of little handcraft shops .

You can visit the Castello Aragonese and the Chiesa di San Pietro (St.Peter’s Church): the legend says that St.Peter passed by during his journey from Palestine to Rome.

From Otranto you can easily reach the Baia dei Turchi, a stunning beach named after the Turkish population who reached this area in 1480 and besieged the city.

Gallipoli – Separated from the dry land by a moat to protect it from the Turkish invasions, Gallipoli looks like an island linked to the mainland by a bridge.

Walking through the city, you can stop at one of the most beautiful beaches of the area, called Purità and, after that, head to the fish market, where you can take part in the local life and taste some amazing raw seafood with a good glass of wine.

Melendugno – In this little town you can’t miss the Grotta della Poesia (Poetry Cave), one of the most beautiful 10 natural pools in the world.

The view of the blue sea with waves breaking on the rocks is breathtaking!

Leuca – This is the place where the land ends (De Finibus Terrae), so the most Southern part of Italy, where the two seas Adriatico and Ionio merge and you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

These are only some of the places you can discover.

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So book a flight to Brindisi, rent a car and get lost in this fabulous land!