Have you heard the word “salute” in Italian?

Salute in Italian is a common word that you might have heard in different situations, especially when you go out with your Italian friends or you celebrate something with your family: when we toast, the word that we say is “salute!”. Also, you can hear “alla salute”, which means “to good health” or “alla tua salute”, “to your good health”.

Do you know why? Well, salute means “health, well-being”, so when you celebrate with your beloved ones or you join someone for a toast, you say that to wish them good health.

We also use this word after someone has eaten a lot or done something that shows their good health: for example, if my friend runs for 10 miles in an hour I can say “salute!”. Have you come across this use before?

Obviously you can find and use the word salute as health in general.

Let’s see some examples!

Italian English
Il fumo fa male alla salute. Smoking is bad for your health.
Luana è stata male ma si è rimessa in salute presto. Luana has been sick but she recovered soon.
Mia nonna ha 90 anni ma gode di ottima salute. My grandmother is 90 but she has a very good health.
La salute prima di tutto. Health above all.
Mio zio non è in buone condizioni di salute. My uncle is not in good health condition.


As you can see there are many ways to use this word to express different meanings: why don’t you write some examples for each use? Doing some practice straight away will help you learn this new word!

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