Ready for Sanremo 2021?

The Festival di Sanremo 2021 is starting on the 2nd March for five amazing evenings of entertainment.

As you might know, it’s the most important Italian music festival since 1951. If you want to read more about it, follow this link.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the event will be quite different. After some consultations with experts, the Italian Minister of Health decided that the Festival would take place without audience for safety reasons.

However, the show must go on! A spectacular scenography has been set up on the long stage to surprise us and send a positive message: a bright spaceship towards the future.

So what should we expect?

During the five evenings, we will see the performance of 26 “stars“, famous Italian singers and of 8 “newcomers“, young singers who are starting their path.

The host, Amadeus, will share the stage with Fiorello, popular comedian and with a different co-host for every evening. In addition, there will be some famous guests to entertain the TV public.

On Friday 5th March, the winner newcomer will be announced, whilst the last evening, 6th March, will be entirely dedicated to the stars and end with the victory of the best song.

discover Festival di Sanremo 2021

On top of three panels of judges, the public will be able to vote remotely via phone to express their preference and support their favourite singers.

Even though the new Covid-19 rules seemed to affect this fantastic event, everything has been perfectly planned and is going to be a fabulous music event!

So are you watching Sanremo this year?

It would be a great practice! A nice way to improve your listening through songs, which is always enjoyable.

And it’s also good to know an important aspect of the Italian culture!

Grab a drink, sit on your comfy sofa and enjoy one of the best Italian TV shows ever!


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