Are you waiting for Sanremo 2022?

Sanremo 2022 is just around the corner: the 72nd edition of this amazing music festival is starting on the 1st February and taking place for 5 days, until the 5th February. Since it’s the most important music event in Italy, Italians are always excited about it!

If you are not familiar with the Festival di Sanremo, read more here! The general organisation is always very similar, however this year there are big news: 25 singers will take part in the competition in one single category called “Artists”. This means that there won’t be the usual two categories of Stars and Newcomers anymore: the Newcomers took part in a separate competition last December and three of them have been admitted to the main group of singers.

The host, Amadeus, will be flanked by famous actresses and showgirls, one each night. Moreover, many popular guests will take part in the show, both actors and singers.

Ready to watch it?

Most Italians watch the Festival, regardless of how much they like the singers that take part in it. The reason why people watch it is that it is an important event and an opportunity to meet family and friends and spend some time together chatting about the songs and the TV programme in general.

One of the most popular parts of the Festival is the fourth night, when all the competitors perform a cover song with another famous singer:  it’s a really good show!

discover the Italian music festival Sanremo 2022

How does it work?

Singers are not eliminated during the competition: they perform their song three times and are voted by different panels of judges until the last night, when the winner is awarded with the iconic statuette. From the third night, everyone can vote one or more singers from home calling the number provided and specifying the code of the artist. So you can actively take part in the festival and support your favourite singers voting for them!

Language wise, watching the Festival di Sanremo in Italian is definitely challenging, but also a great practice to improve your language and your understanding of the Italian culture as well!

Ready to enjoy this fantastic music event?

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