What does Sanremo recall to your memory?

Sanremo is definitely popular for the Festival di Sanremo, the biggest pop music festival in Italy.

But that’s not all!

If you have watched the Festival, you might have noticed a lot of flower decorations on the stage.

This lovely city in Liguria is also called “la città dei fiori” (the city of flowers) because of its huge production of beautiful flowers.

Since a long time ago, it became famous all around Italy for its flowers and started exporting them even abroad.

For example, it provides the gorgeous flowers used to decorate the stage of the New Year’s Concert in Vienna .

Thanks to its climate, many tropical and exotic plants can grow and embellish flowerbeds in the renowned gardens and botanical parks in the city.

If you are passionate about flowers, you can’t miss a tour!

Once in Sanremo, visit the Mercato dei Fiori (Flowers Market): it’s the biggest in Southern Europe and offers a great selections of flowers and plants.

When is the best time to visit the city?

March is definitely the perfect time as you can also take part to Sanremo in Fiore, also called Carnevale dei Fiori (Flowers Carnival).

It is a competition of amazing floats that parade along the seafront, a real feast for the eyes!

We truly believe this city can offer a new experience, different from any other in Italy.

So plan a nice trip and enjoy it!