Last March we went to Cagliari for our seminar for Italian teachers Le Parole Sono Importanti.

As it was the first time in the city, we had the chance to discover it and get lost through the typical vicoli, narrow streets that radiate towards the sea, crossing the four main areas of the city centre.

After following the colorful streets and losing the perception of time, we realised how tired and hungry we were. Suddenly, we lifted up our eyes and we saw an enchanting place just in front of us: I sarti del gusto, literally The tailors of taste.

We looked through the window and discovered a refined, beautiful restaurant. The menu was also great, so we went in and we were greeted by the floor director, Gianluca.

Every detail was perfect, from the appetizer offered by the chef Riccardo to the coffee served with a little handmade biscuit. All the staff made us feel at home and cuddled us with many little attentions.

They kept treating us amazingly for the following days as we chose them again and again, for every meal in Cagliari.

We had the chance to chat with Riccardo and Gianluca, two guys who worked hard and took the risk of following their dreams.

From the years spent in Germany to the challenge of opening your restaurant, “I sarti del gusto” in Cagliari. Could you tell us your story?

Our paths had been very different before we met in Munich, where we worked together for about 3 years: in fact, Gianluca had worked in Costa Smeralda and abroad in Ireland and I, Riccardo, had studied law. When we met in Germany we had the idea to come back to Sardinia bringing with us our expertise and our skills.

Where does the name “I sarti del gusto” come from?

It was born in front of a bottle of Garnacha Tinta: Gianluca comes from a family of tailors, I have been the editor of a food blog named La via del gusto (The path of taste) for many years. That is where our name comes from.

Entering your restaurant and tasting your dishes, it is clear that there is a precise idea behind what you create. Which is this idea?

The idea is looking after the details and paying a particular attention to the client, from the greetings to the coffee, always served with a cantuccino or a petite four. We want to show our love for this job and our dedication behind every little gesture. We hope to be good at that.

What is your relationship with the tradition?

It is very close and strong, we started making traditional dishes like the “Filindeu”, “Sa merca” from Nuoro served with red prawn or the sheep tartare. We had important experiences all around Italy and abroad that obviously had an effect on us, so the Italian and international influences are definitely important in our cuisine.

If you end up in Cagliari, go to say hello and enjoy one of their creations, they will be happy to surprise you!