“Se me hace agua la boca” is a useful Spanish Idiom to know!

Do you know what “Se me hace agua la boca” means?

Considering how delicious the Spanish food is, you must have heard someone saying that.

And next time you will have some lovely tapas in front of you, it will be the perfect idiom to use.

Literally, it means “It makes my mouth water”.

In English we would use exactly the same expression “To make one’s mouth water”, “To be mouthwatering”.

Even though food is the classic example to use it, we have to consider its figurative meaning as well: in fact, we can say it related to anything we fancy or we can’t wait for.

So it is not difficult to use it in a conversation, and the chances to say it are quite a lot!

We can have a look at some examples to have an idea!

Spanish English
Se me hace agua la boca solo pensar en la paella. It makes my mouth water just thinking about paella.
Con sólo mirar los ingredientes de la salsa, se te hará agua la boca.  Just looking at the ingredients of the sauce will make your mouth water.
En realidad Matthew no tenía hambre, pero se le hizo agua la boca al pensar en el pastel de manzana casero de su mamá. Matthew wasn’t really hungry, but his mouth started to water as he thought of his mom’s homemade apple pie.


We are pretty sure you have something in mind which is really mouthwatering!

Now it’s your turn: think of something that makes your mouth water and make some esamples.

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