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Are you going to take the DITALS II exam? If you have a good teaching experience, it is what you need to aim for.

The last section of the exam, Section D, is called Oral Teaching Skills and is quite challenging for all those who approach it.

The reason is related not only to its technical features but also to the emotional side of the performance: candidates have to simulate a lesson in an imaginary class, pretending to interact with students and managing the communication flow.

The Section is recorded and consists of two tasks:

  • in the first task, candidates have to introduce a grammar topic starting from an input given
  • in the second, candidates have to give instructions related to a specific activity

In both cases student’s profile, age and level of competence are clearly stated, so candidates know who their students are.

The whole section lasts around 40 minutes: 30 minutes for the preparation and 10 minutes for recording.

What is the best method to face this section of the DITALS II exam?

The tasks themselves should not be a problem for experienced teachers: they are exactly what teachers do every day in their classes, although candidates have to be careful to address the explanation or the instructions to the correct target.

Simulating though is not easy for everyone, especially considering that the ability to interact with imaginary students is one of the important elements that the evaluators consider when they mark this section.

Well, the most effective training to get ready for this part of the exam is actually imaging to be in a class, possibly a real class where candidates teach, in order to interact with students calling them with their names. This little trick helps feel more confident and reproduce a familiar situation even if the section is carried out in a room only with the examinator and a recorder.

Why don’t you try and let us know how it goes?