A throw-back to our first seminar for Italian teachers in Italy!

Our first seminar for Italian teachers took place in December 2013 in Morano Calabro, a lovely village in the South of Italy.

Three intense days to talk about language teaching and share ideas about problems, innovative methods and daily challenges.

The cosy Sant’Andrea Bed and Breakfast welcomed us for this unforgettable experience and was absolutely the perfect place to stay!

What did we talk about?

This seminar was a great chance to plan the following DITALS course which started: this is why we went through all the theory and best practice of language teaching.

First of all, we went through all the different teaching approaches and methods and then we moved to several topics like students’motivation, teacher’s role, interaction between students and teacher’s talk.

After this interesting part, we started talking about how to balance the different abilities and what techniques are best to develop each ability.

seminar for Italian teachers in Italy

Another crucial topic was how to use authentic material such as articles from newspapers, movies, advertisement, songs and much more.

Making these resources suitable for students at a specific level is always a challenge for teachers: this is why we focused on the adaptation process and tried to work on some practical examples.

As teachers, one of the biggest controversies is how to correct mistakes: we dedicated a section to share opinions about how to do that, considering mistakes as essential steps of the learning process.

The Common European Framework of Reference for languages, the basis of Sociolinguistics and some tips about evaluation completed this rich programme and led us to the analysis of Italian textbooks for foreigners.

The main focus was analysing the index and understanding the teaching approach: a complex activity that we did using the most popular books on the market.

What a fantastic seminar!

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