How would you say in your language if something is very old or outdated?

The perfect Spanish idiomatic expression would be “Ser Del Año De La Pera” (literally “to be from the year of the pear“): it is very common also to say that someone lived or that something happened a long time ago.

This expression can be referred to someone very old as well but has to be used carefully in order not to be offensive.

Let’s see how to use this nice idiom with some examples!

Spanish English
No te pongas esa camisa. ¡Es del año de la pera! Don’t wear that shirt. It is very old!
Mi coche es del año de la pera. Debería comprarmene otro. My car is very old. I should buy another one.
Me encanta esta canción, pero es del año de la pera. I love this song, but it’s quite behind the times.


Do you want to try and make another example?