Do you understand what I mean if I use the idiom”Ser un ave nocturna”?

Ser un ave nocturna” is another lovely Spanish expression.

Using idioms makes the language so colorful!

This is why at Happy Languages we pay a lot of attention to idiomatic expressions and teach them as much as possible.

That is crucial to get closer to the real language and understand native speakers better.

In Spanish we have some peculiar expressions tightly related to the culture and customs.

Even so, in this case we are in front of an idiom that you might understand straight away just translating it into English.

In fact, the English expression is pretty much the same!

Ave” in Spanish means “bird” and “nocturna” means “nocturnal”.

So “Ser un ave nocturna” means “to be a night owl”.

If you regularly go to bed very late or prefer working or studying at night, it is perfect for you.

Or, if it is not the case, you must know someone who is a night owl!

Here we have some nice examples.

Spanish English
Me gusta estudiar por la noche. Soy un ave nocturna.  I like studying at night. I am a night owl.
Mi hermano es un ave nocturna. Nunca se va a dormir antes de las 3.  My brother is a night owl. He never goes to sleep before 3am.
¿Quieres decir que es un ave nocturna, y tú eres una persona de mañanas? Do you mean he is a night owl and you are a morning person?


Have you ever used this expression or a similar one in your language?

We are very curious about equivalent idioms!

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