Ready to discover the Spanish idiom Ser un melón?

Ser un melón is a nice Spanish expression to learn!

As usual, idioms help express or vividly describe something.

In Spanish there are several everyday idiomatic expressions to learn in order to catch the meaning of a conversation.

This one is definitely a common expression, not very difficult to use!

If you translate it, it literally means “to be a melon”.

Nothing to do with the shape of the melon tough!

It means that someone is dumb, not very intelligent, so doesn’t understand or is not able to reason.

In English we could use “to be a blockhead, to be a stupid”.

How can you use it?

Well, there are two ways to use this expression.

You can say that to a friend as an harmless teasing or a proper insult, depending on the way you use it and on the context.

Here you have some useful examples!

Spanish English
Tío, qué melón eres. Mate, you are a blockhead!
Este chico es un melón. ¡Cómo se le ocurre bajar a la calle sin abrigo con el frio que hace! This guy is a blockhead. How could he think to go down the street without coat with this cold!
Eres un melón si crees que ella saldrá contigo. You are a stupid if you think that she will go out with you.


Now think about some situations to use this idiom!

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