Do you know what “ser uña y carne” means?

“Ser uña y carne” is a new Spanish idiomatic expression to add to your vocabulary! Learning idioms is very important in order to progress and get more familiar with the language.

Native speakers use idioms all the time, so the more you learn the better: some of them are very straightforward but others are difficult to interpret unless you have come across them somehow. Once you learn them, you won’t forget how to use them in conversation!

The expression we are introducing is used when two or more people have a very close relationship: for example, it’s good when talking about very good friends or people that spend a lot of time together and are inseparable. Literally it would be “to be nail and flesh”, which let you understand the kind of closeness it refers to. In English, a similar expression is “to be bosom buddies”.

And now some examples!

Spanish English
Fuimos como uña y carne durante más de 20 años. We’ve been bosom buddies for more than 20 years.
Vanesa y Martina han sido mejores amigas desde que estaban en kindergarten. Son uña y carne. Vanesa and Martina have been best friends since when they were at the kindergarten. They are bosom buddies.
Juan y Pablo eran uña y carne, pero un día se enfadaron y ya no se hablan. Juan y Pablo were bosom buddies, but one day they fell out and now they don’t speak to each other.


Do you use a similar idiom in your language? Make some examples to start using it: think of a person who is very close to you and try to express your closeness using this idiom!

And if you are passionate about Spanish idioms, have a look at our Pinterest board or read more in our online resources section.


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