Some short term Italian classes in London are available at Happy Languages!

If you would like to improve your conversation skills in Italian, we offer short term Italian classes in London.

Our Conversation Class is a perfect choice if you want to work on conversation without committing to a regular course.

Sometimes is difficult to fit language classes in our busy schedule, so we just quit studying and practicing.

But our Conversation Class is a lesson you can take when you can, without worrying about long term plans.

It’s a fantastic chance to keep practicing!

We normally hold this class the last Saturday of each month from 3pm to 4pm.

So the only thing to do is make some time for a Saturday afternoon

The next one will take place on the 28th September, why don’t you book your place?

Our class will be focused on some lovely topics to talk about.

You will just speak Italian around a nice table sipping a tea or coffee, in a super relaxed situation.

This is an important aspect: talking with nice people who share the same love for the Italian language in the beautiful coffee area of our office is perfect!

Obviously a native teacher will be there to suggest some interesting topics and help you through the conversation.

During the class you will have the chance to expand your vocabulary learning some new words.

And it is always interesting to learn from others!

Students of all levels are welcome: no matter what level of Italian you have, you can join the class!

The only warning is that the class is not suitable for complete beginners, as a minimum level of Italian is required.

Come along and speak Italian with us!