Curious about our short term Spanish classes in London?

We do offer short term Spanish classes in London for different needs.

If you aim to speak Spanish and improve your conversation skills, our Conversation Class is what you need.

It is always good to make some time to practice the language you are studying.

Either if you want to add the Conversation Class on top of a regular Spanish course or take it one off, you will enjoy it a lot!

The class is held once per month, normally the last Saturday of the month and lasts one hour.

And the good news is that it is your only commitment!

So what about the next Conversation Class?

Our next Conversation Class will take place on the 28th September from 3pm to 4pm.

We will held it in the gorgeous coffee area of our office in the Aldgate Tower.

It means that you will spend one hour chatting with other students around a table, drinking a nice tea or coffee.

This calm atmosphere is what we need to practice!

During the class a native teacher will suggest some topics to talk about.

Normally they can be related to some festivities or traditions as well as current affairs and news.

There is always a variety of topics to go through and all of them will give you the chance to express your opinion and learn new words.

You can be pretty sure that you will enjoy it!

Who can join the class?

Apart from complete beginners, students of all levels can take this class.

So it doesn’t matter what is your level of competence, come along and practice with us!