Should I translate my website? 

Ten years ago the question was “Should I have a website?”  instead of “Should I translate my website?”and the history now tells us that the answer was “Yes”.

The Internet opened new ways to reach all markets and made possible to a person living in Germany to buy goods in a store located in China without moving from home.

Everyday, people visit companies’ websites located in other countries, but according to research the most of the online purchasing concerns only websites in English, as it’s the most common language.

Although there is an increasing number of people speaking more than a language, the research also reveals that usually people search a foreign website only if they don’t find the same merchandise or content on a website in their own language, so only if there are no other choices.

Things can be different depending on what your company does.

In a market where competition is so strong your website needs to have the highest impact reaching a high number of visitors.

That’s why a bilingual website can help you increase your sales volume. Your website tells everything about your company, so we can say that he speaks for you and therefore it is supposed to be understood from everybody.

Many companies decided to have all the contents on their websites both in their own languages and in English to make a difference compared with the offer in the worldwide market. The percentage of sales demonstrate that their strategy was a good one: they increased their business volume reaching all the English speakers!

This strategy has been working for a long period, especially thanks to the globalisation, but times are changing and a bilingual website is not enough anymore. Although you can deal with more people than before, there is still a part of the market that is not satisfied and if you want your company to grow you have to deal with that part too.

Polls say that a great number of the Internet customers visit foreign websites only if they can read them in their native language because they don’t like to try to translate or use a translator tool to find an item if they can have an alternative in their own language.

Starting from the point that all sites must be at least bilingual we have to consider the advantages given by a multilingual website.

  • If with a bilingual site you can increase your business volume because it can be visited also from people speaking other languages, try to imagine how high the growth can be with a multilingual one.
  • If you translate your site in a variety of languages you can really reach customers from all over the world.
  • People want an easy life so they want everything available in their language because English is not the only language, especially now that languages such as Chinese or Japanese are becoming more popular.
  • With a multilingual choice you can be sure that your company will be known day by day by new users that will talk about it to other users and thanks to its international look your company will be fast at the top because visitors stay longer if they can read in their language.
  • A multilingual website shows your interest in customers. It says that you are not interested just in selling, but also in people. And if customer feel he is at the heart of your company he is happier to deal with you.
  • The positive effect of a multilingual website is also that if customers can be sure of what they are reading they can feel more comfortable in purchasing because there are no languages barriers between your company and him.

reasons why I should translate my website

To go further in this matter we need to speak about localization too.

We usually speak about a website localization, not only translation. This word comes from the term “locale” that means a small area. It involves the idea of making a site entirely target-oriented.

If you translate a website into an other language you must consider the culture behind language, so you have to adapt the content to the target market thinking about the needs and the expectations of the users from a structural and graphical  point of view.

We live in a world that can be compared to Babel, where many languages are spoken and people not always can speak with each other.

Language barriers can seem to be insurmountable. To make people’s life easier and to make your brand known you need to offer a multilingual choice for your website.

In this way you can offer a great variety of services taking care of your customers and do the best for your company with a small investment for your future.


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