The Italian and Spanish languages have a lot of similarities because of their common origin; they both come from Latin so they share most of the grammar structures, verbs, syntax and nouns. It’s easy to think that if you are able to speak Italian, learning Spanish is quick and easy; of course it is, but with some difficulties due to the fact that these two languages have similar forms but different meanings.

If we compare them we find out that several words have the same meaning, but many others look the same but actually have different meanings. There are many words that can deceive the Italian speakers who want to learn Spanish; for example if we read the Spanish word “habitacion” we suddenly think about the Italian word “abitazione”(home) but actually they have two different meanings: in fact “ habitacion” in Spanish means “room”. Another funny example is the word “embarazada” (pregnant) which is very similar to“ imbarazzata” (embarrassed), as well as the Italian “caldo” (hot) and the Spanish “caldo” (soup), or “burro” (butter in Italian) that in Spanish means “donkey”!

All these words can make us think that actually Spanish is not so similar to Italian so you must be very careful when you translate from a language to another and also when you speak. Other interesting words are “cura” (cure in Italian), that in Spanish means “priest”, “contestar” that means “answer” while the Italian “contestare” means “to contest” or “guardar” which means “save” but is very similar to the Italian “guardare”, that means “to watch”.

These words are known as “ false friends” and usually they are the most interesting part of the language learning.