Learning some new Italian vocabulary is always challenging!

It is always very interesting to go through some Italian vocabulary.

But sometimes we try to learn some new words without any specific method and we forget them very quickly.

What is the best way to discover some new vocabulary?

Learning it from texts and listenings is always good as it is easy to understand it from the general context.

In this case students can guess meanings even though they are not immediately clear, considering the global meaning of the reading.

Otherwise, when the new vocabulary is not related to a text, we suggest to make a sort of conceptual map.

Therefore you can learn a number of words that are strictly related to each other.

That makes it easier!

Have a look at this nice video tutorial to discover some useful Italian vocabulary!


Il corpo – The body

Il naso –> the nose

L’occhio –> the eye

La bocca –> the mouth

L’orecchio –> the ear

Il viso –> the face

Il braccio –> the arm

La mano –> the hand

Il dito –> the finger

Some words are masculine when they are singular and feminine when they are plural, for example:

Il dito –> le dita

Il braccio –> le braccia

L’orecchio –> le orecchie

I colori – The colours

Rosso –> red

Giallo –> yellow

Verde –> green

Arancione –> orange

Blu –> blue

Marrone –> brown

Rosa –> pink

Bianco –> white

Nero –> black

Viola –> purple

I giorni della settimana – The days of the week

Lunedì –> Monday

Martedì –> Tuesday

Mercoledì –> Wednesday

Giovedì –> Thursday

Venerdì –> Friday

Sabato –> Saturday

Domenica –> Sunday

Did you know some of these words?

Try to practice your pronunciation repeating after the video!

That’s definitely a great practice!

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