Wondering what are the best South American destinations in September?

There are many amazing South American destinations in September to discover!

Do you know that September is the best month to go to South America?

Whilst in Europe there is a general drop of the temperature, as in all the area North of the Equator, in South America September means Spring!

However it is important to check the weather conditions carefully as in some areas you would find rain.

For example, it is better to avoid the Caribbean as September is the start of the hurricane season.

So let’s see what to visit!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A lovely city in the mountains, a romantic area with stylish bars and restaurants, gorgeous beaches to enjoy.

This amazing area offers everything you need to spend some fantastic days!

Easter Island, Chile. September is the ideal month to visit this mysterious island and discover its moai, famous monumental statues that are the symbol of its thriving culture.

Amazon Rainforest, Peru. Also known as Amazon Jungle, it is the most bio-diverse place in the world and is definitely worth a tour if you like new adventures!

September is the perfect month to discover the Tambopata National Park and the Manú Biosphere Reserve as it is still in the dry season.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. A tour of these islands is strongly recommended in September as it is the best time to see dolphins and whales.

The wildlife is particularly rich and the weather fairly warm, so it is possible to do fun activities such as diving and snorkeling.

Chaco, Paraguay. This incredible area inhabited by 25 indigenous groups is a unique destination in Paraguay.

The ONG Green Museum works hard to preserve their authenticity, rituals and traditions as well as to promote a sustainable tourism through dedicated tours.

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Which destination intrigues you the most?

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