In modern language teaching one of the most important aspects is the space management.

Space management is not only related with the simple arrangement of the students (in a semicircle, small groups), but also to the way the students occupy the space during our activities: this is why teachers have to consider it as an essential component of language teaching.

If we assume that our students’ concentration can not exceed 20/30 minutes, we have to work on their motivation to ensure that their willingness to learn lasts longer than that.

In this way a lesson based on the physical movement of students within the class, can help us in achieving our goals. Rather than read a text sitting comfortably in his chair, why not asking the student to read a text from the wall of the classroom?

Why not asking the students to carry out a reading comprehension running from one side to another of the class? In this way we will stimulate students responsiveness. In order to carry out the task required, they will also get tired physically, without feeling  the cognitive effort.

language teaching

We could do something similar for listening activities!

To avoid  bringing down their motivation due to the effort required, we could think of a listening in which students must answer questions moving around in the class.

For example we could hang on the walls some of the information included and others not included in the listening. Students walking around the class have to select content contained in listening and taking them to a corner of the class in which these fragments will also be rearranged in chronological order.

For these activities is extremely important a wise and functional space management.

In addition to this, is also interesting working in small groups or in pairs: this is known as collaborative learning, in which students can combine their knowledge and their physical abilities to complete tasks.

Students will feel these activities as challenging and endearing. As a matter of fact, students divided into teams will have to compete with each other to carry out the task as fast as they can.

It’s time to be creative!


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