Have you ever had Spanish vegan food?

Spanish vegan food might seem something unrealistic since Spain has always been one of the biggest meat consumers in Europe.

Although a recent trend, vegetarianism and veganism in Spain are on the rise.

It means that a good number of people avoid eating meat for many different reasons, such as health, environment, respect for animals.

Considering how carnivorous Spaniards have always been, it’s quite a big revolution!

Even though we are talking about a relatively small percentage of population, it is likely to increase very quickly.

More and more people pay attention to this phenomenon and in Mallorca the first vegan chef collaborative is born.

It is made of 15 vegan chefs who want to expand the plant-based food throughout the country showing its creativity and versatility.

Since vegan food is becoming quite popular, if you are travelling to Spain you will find lovely vegan restaurants to try!

For example, in Barcelona try some vegan specialties at Veggie Garden, voted the best vegan restaurant in the city.

Also, it’s worth going to Bio Bento, where you can enjoy a complete and delicious vegan meal.

And if you are craving a good vegan croissant, at Santoni Cafe Vegano you can have a lovely breakfast.

Spending some time in Madrid?

Enjoy some lovely tapas at Vega, all prepared with organic products.

And what about London?

If you are looking for a vegan alternative in London, you will be happy to know that you can enjoy some Spanish vegan food at Brindisa Kitchen, where you can have a vegan calçotada (which celebrates the famous Catalan onion called calçot).

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