Spanish Beginner 3 (15 hours of frontal lesson)


One of the first things you will learn in this course is ordering in bars and restaurants, asking and giving information about food and talk about food habits. Then you will start describing towns and cities, asking and giving directions, talking about past experiences. Also, you will focus on abilities and aptitudes and talk about people’s qualities and defects.


You will study the impersonal form with se, the verbs poner and traer, practise the direct object pronouns and some quantifiers. You will also study prepositions and adverbs of place, the Pretérito Perfecto, saber and poder plus infinitive.


Food, ways to prepare and cook food, dishes from Spain and the Spanish speaking word will be very nice topics to start from. Also, you will learn the vocabulary related to places of the city, services, neighborhoods. on top of that, expressions of frequencies and adjectives to describe personality.