Difference between formal and informal greeting conversations.
Greetings and parts of the day, asking for the name and introducing yourself, farewells.
Practice: repetitions, reading dialogues, conversations.
Alphabet Introduction: The vowels, first consonants and sounds.
Consonants and Vowels Sounds and Pronunciation.
Consonants with two sounds.
Practice: reading syllables, singing alphabet, spelling your name, email.
3 NUMBERS: What is your phone number?
From 0 to 19. Special Twenties. From 30 to 99.
Hundreds: main rule, the exceptional ones. Easy thousand.
Ordinal Numbers: from first to tenth.
Practice: asking for the phone number, reading-writing numbers.
4 DATES AND TIME: What day is it?, What time is it?
Days of the week. Months of the year. Seasons of the year.
Time questions and answers. The Spanish hour. Parts of the day.
Practice: questions and answers, activities in couples reading and writing dates and times.
5 GENDERS AND ARTICLES. THE CALENDAR: Asking for appointments.
Genders: rule, changes and exceptions. Making the Plural.
Definite & Indefinite Articles: the, a/an, some.
Practice: guessing and changing genders and articles.
The Calendar: Events vocabulary and Making appointments.
6 THERE IS & THERE ARE, HOW MUCH & HOW MANY. Let´s go shopping!
What is/are there?
How Many, How Much, How much is it?: uses and differences.
Quantitative adjectives: many, little, quite enough, too much, too many…
Practice: Dialogues in the shop, asking for prices, buying and paying.
7 VERB TO BE I. Nationalities and Countries.
Personal Pronouns: I, you, he, she, we, they.
Verb To Be: conjugation, uses and differences.
Nationalities and Countries: Where are you from? Where are you?
Practice: guessing which verb is, asking about the nationality and location of different people.
8 VERB TO BE II: Professions and Work Places.
Refreshing: personal pronouns, conjugations, uses and differences.
Professions: types and genders.
Work Places: vocabulary.
Practice: questions and answers, guessing characters.
Colors: different groups of colors.
Descriptive adjectives: groups and genders.
Making questions: who and how.
Practice: describing yourself, your city, guessing who.
10 REVISION: Practice all course contents.