A Spanish class online is always a great way to keep your motivation high!

Taking an evening Spanish class online after work is perfect to fit some language practice in your schedule.

During this period, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all the consequent rules in place, learning online is a fantastic option to dedicate some time to your interests.

After 28 weeks online, we know how good meeting on Zoom to learn Spanish feels!

So let’s take a glimpse of what our students learnt during the week!

Beginner 2. Describing a typical day was the core of this lesson: in order to say what they do every day, our students started using Reflexive verbs.

They went through regular activities and habits, it was quite challenging though!

Elementary 3. Travelling is something that everyone loves: students talked about differences between the present and the past and expressed their opinions. Great!

Intermediate 2. Students worked hard on Combined Pronouns: many different activities and useful conversation were perfect to practise and see how to use them!

Upper Intermediate 1. Technology has changed our lives: students compared different generations and how social habits, education and relationships changed due to the use of technology.

Such an interesting lesson!

Upper Intermediate 2. Our class was about the Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto and its use to tell about someone’s biography: students learnt how to use different past tenses combined together!

As you can see, it was a very intense week and our students did their best!

During the weekend, our online resources and video tutorials are perfect for some revision!

See you on Monday!

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