Looking for Spanish Classes in East London at an Intermediate level?

If you have already studied for around 90 hours and are searching Spanish Classes in East London, our Evening Intermediate 1 course is just perfect!

What do you need to know in order to start this course?

At this level you should have learned Regular, Stem-Changing, Reflexive, Indirect and Irregular Verbs.

Also, you should be confident with Direct and Indirect Pronouns, Indefinive Adjectives, Possessive Pronouns, Prepositions and the main Connectors.

All these topics will be revised throughout the course, so you will have the chance to improve your knowledge and practise them.

And what are the new contents?

Most of the course will be focused on the Indefinite Past and on the Imperfect Past.

First of all, you will understand the difference between Present Perfect and Indefinite Past. You will study the Indefinite Past of Regular and the main Irregular Verbs.

Then you will move to the Imperfect Past and learn how to distinguish between Indefinite and Imperfect past.

During the course you will use these topics in a variety of activities: videos, story-telling, conversation, songs and many more!

What is the focus of the course?

Communication, of course!

Using the topics you study in your daily conversation will be the main point.

This is why your teacher will make sure that you practise every new content again and again in different contexts.

At the same time you will develop different skills as we believe that it is important to keep a good balance between the different abilities.

Where does the course take place?

Our gorgeous venue is in the Aldgate Tower, just outside Aldgate East underground station and 10 minutes walking from Liverpool Street station.

This means that the location is perfect to study Spanish in London: it is very convenient either for those who live and work close by or for who needs to take a train after the class.

Have a look at some pictures taken during our classes here!

So how does it sound?