Are you enjoying your Spanish classes online?

Our Spanish classes online keep going: for the 15th week we held lessons on Zoom!

Despite the differences in setting, online classes work really well.

Students can do activities in different modes and take advantage of useful functions.

While working from home, having the opportunity to take classes is really important to keep busy and cultivate your interests.

It’s really nice to have a Spanish class after work from your sofa!

Curious about this online week?

Let’d find out what our students studied!

Beginner 1. Our students practices the pronunciation of c and g in different combinations and asked each other questions to get basic information about their city, job, age etc.

Elementary 2. The last class was focused on learning how to ask a favour and a permission through nice activities.

Intermediate 1. Students did some lovely activities to practice the Pretérito Perfecto with adverbs.

Intermediate 3. Quite a challenging lesson for our group! Students used a combination of different past tenses distinguishing their uses.

Upper Intermediate 1. The class was about the use of Pretérito Indefinido and Imperfecto: students practiced talking about their last birthday.

Such an intense week!

Now students have time to do their homework and revise all the grammar topics and vocabulary learnt.

We believe that’s really important to keep studying between lessons!

See you next week!