How can you find Spanish classes with less fees?

At Happy Languages we offer a wide range of Spanish classes with less fees. In addition to very good prices, we also give to our students our Happy Languages Member Card, which is very convenient to save money in a number of bars, restaurants and shops around London.

How does it work? If you check the deals on our website, you can see all the businesses where you can show our Member Card to get a discount.

One of the shops you will definitely love is the Spanish Bookshop!

Have you ever been there? It is a lovely bookshop where you can find a great selection of books for any need! For example, there is a variety of textbooks for students of Spanish as a foreign language for children, teenagers and adults.

You can find the most recent editions and ask advice to the staff. Also, you can find exercise books, grammars and dictionaries to improve your Spanish. If you like, there are also some enjoyable audio books for students of different levels.

There are so many amazing resources if you browse through!

Moreover, if you are an advanced learner, you can buy some good fiction and non-fiction in Spanish: not only best sellers, but also books about psychology, history, religion, philosophy. Another interesting thing to have a look at are some Spanish periodicals for different ages.

And if you are looking for something specific, you can ask the staff: they will be happy to help and see if it is possible to order what you need.

The great news is that if you show your Happy Languages Member Card you get 10% off!

So make sure that you always take it with you!