Looking for Spanish classes with less fees?

At Happy Languages you can have Spanish classes with less fees as our prices are very competitive.

We also offer amazing free online resources and video tutorials on our Youtube channel

In addition, we have amazing news for you!

With our new vouchers you can get a great discount for yourself and for a friend.

Who will get the voucher?

If you are attending a course with us, you will receive it at the end of the course.

Alternatively, you will get it if you join our Italian and Spanish Coffee Meet Up on the 8th June.

One more reason to come and enjoy a lovely chat with us!

How can you use the voucher?

It is very easy!

If you refer a friend, you can get 10% off for you and your friend in a group course.

In this way your friend can start learning Italian or Spanish at a really good price!

How does it sound?

It is a good way to get the best price for your next course!

Let’s see how the voucher works!

The voucher is valid only for evening group courses and weekend crash courses.

This means that the discount doesn’t apply to one-to-one tuitions, intensive one-to-one courses and conversation classes.

Besides, it is valid until the date indicated on it: both you and your friend must use it within that specific date.

You can refer only one friend, who must be a new student at Happy Languages.

So if your friend has attended any courses with us, we are afraid the voucher would not be valid.

Every voucher can be used only once and it does not have a monetary value.

Therefore it can’t be exchanged, transferred, redeemed, replaced or refunded for cash.

Since it comes with your name on it, the voucher can’t be transferred to another person.

So now you just have to choose a lucky friend to refer!