All the students look for Spanish classes with minimum fee.

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In addition to that, we offer amazing opportunities to practice the language and…save money!

All our students get our fantastic member card.

How can you use your Happy Languages Member Card?

You can show it in a number of places around London to get a great discount or a complementary coffee or drink!

All our partners are listed here.

But there is something additional you should know.

If you go to some Spanish restaurants, you have the chance to speak Spanish!

Andalucia Tapas Restaurant is one of them: a family-run authentic Spanish restaurant where you will enjoy delicious tapas!

Their menu is very rich: a wide selection of starters, tasty tapas and main courses.

And if you are vegetarian, you can find great options!

So if you have never tried it, we strongly recommend you to go!

As it is close to the most popular theatres in the West End, its location is very convenient for a pre or post-theatre meal.

And if you show your Happy Languages Member Card, you get a free glass of sangria when you spend more than £20!

Once there, why don’t you try ordering your food in Spanish?

It would be a lovely way to practice what you learnt!

We believe that it is always good to look for as many opportunities as possible to speak Spanish.

Fortunately, in London there are many Spanish bars and restaurants to try.

Even ordering something or having a simple chat with native speakers can be very motivating!

Also, you can meet Spanish people dining there and socialising, it would be really amazing!

What are you waiting for?

Book your table and take your Happy Languages Member Card with you!