Looking for a Spanish Course in less amount?

At Happy Languages we do offer a Beginner 1 Spanish Course in less amount.

We are keen to meet our students’ expectations.

This is why our prices are always kept low and incredibly competitive on the London market.

If you enrol in a Beginner 1 Spanish Evening Course from September the price will be exactly the same than last year!

And this does not affect the high level of teaching that we offer.

All our teachers are fully qualified and specialised in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

So all the courses are thoroughly planned and materials carefully selected to help you learn Spanish.

While you study, you can also practice with our online resources and video tutorials.

When you start learning with us, surprises never end!

For example, you get your Happy Languages Member Card to use around London.

If you check our deals, you can see all our partners and benefit from great discounts.

Furthermore, at the end of the course you get a lovely voucher.

How does it work?

If you refer a friend, you get 10% discount on the next course for you and your friend!

It might be a great incentive to involve a friend and study together, which is great for your motivation.

And there is even more to discover!

During the year, we launch some fun contests for you.

Different competitions to win great prizes: good discounts or even free courses!

So it is really worth taking part in them.

Every time you will have easy instructions to follow and a specific deadline to respect.

You have to try, the reward is too good!

Well, the promotions are really a lot.

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