Spanish courses in London by experts for A Level are available at Happy Languages!

Spanish courses in London by experts to prepare the A Level exam are planned on a one to one basis.

As the exam preparation is very specific, first of all one of our teachers will assess your level and consider the path to take.

If you haven’t reached the right level in order to take the exam, the first step will be working on the language to improve your skills.

Once you get there, lessons will be focused on the exam practice to become familiar with that.

Let’s go through the exam structure!

The Edexcel exam includes 3 papers.

Paper 1 consists of Listening, Reading and Translation tasks and has to be completed in 2 hours.

In the Listening section candidates listen to conversations in Spanish and answer comprehension questions.

In the Reading tasks, they read texts of different types and genres and respond to comprehension questions.

In the Translation part, they translate a text from Spanish to English.

Paper 2 is called “Written response to works and translation” and lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The Translation task consists of a translation from English to Spanish.

The rest of the paper is focused on writing two essays on literary works previously read or on one literary work and one film.

Literary works and films are chosen from a list.

Paper 3 is all about Speaking and lasts 21-23 minutes, including 5 minutes to prepare the tasks.

In the first task candidates discuss one theme from the specification.

In the second, they talk about the research conducted about a specific topic.

In the third task they answer some questions about the research.

What are the main topics to go through?

Paper 1 and 3 are based on the following topics: the evolution of the Spanish society, the politic and artistic culture of the Spanish speaking world, immigration and the multicultural Spanish society, Franco’s dictatorship and the transition to democracy.

Are you ready to start the preparation?