Preparing the GCSE and searching Spanish courses in London by experts?

At Happy Languages we do offer one-to-one Spanish courses in London by experts for GCSE preparation.

The GCSE exam consists of 3 papers and covers all four language skills.

It means that candidates have to be trained for listening, reading, writing and speaking tasks.

Let’s see how it is structured!

Paper 1 is all about Listening and lasts 35 minutes (including 5 minutes’ reading time).

Candidates answer 7 questions about what they listen to: multiple choice, matching, note taking and gal filling questions.

Paper 2 lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes and tests Reading and Writing.

It includes two sections: Section A, which is the Reading part and Section B, the Writing part.

In Section A candidates answer 5 questions of different type about what they read.

In Section B they answer two open-response tasks and a task about correct forms of the verbs given.

Paper 3 is the Speaking section and lasts 8-10 minutes.

The section includes 3 tasks, one about describing a picture and two about two different topics.

All the three papers are about five topics.

The topics to be studied are: Home and Abroad, Education and employment, Personal life and relationships, The world around us, Social activities, fitness and health.

Therefore the listening, reading, writing and speaking tasks are based on these topics.

How would the course be planned?

Being a one-to-one course, it can be tailored on your needs.

Depending on your level and language skills, your teacher can plan the perfect course to make you reach your goals.

Practicing some past papers, you can deeply understand how to face each task and what to focus on in order to get great marks.

Ready to start your preparation?