Enjoying some Spanish courses in London by experts?

Mostly, in summer all the Spanish courses in London by experts dedicate some time to holidays vocabulary.

As the majority of students, you are probably counting the days left to your holiday in Spain!

If this is the case, you should learn some useful vocabulary to be as independent as possible once there.

Going to a country and not speaking the language is sometimes very frustrating.

We believe that it is always good to learn what we might need to say in another language.

And it is also very satisfactory!

This is why we encourage students to make a little effort before leaving.

You will have the chance to practice what you learn during your lessons with native speakers.

Also, you will be literally immerse in the language, which is definitely a plus.

So why not spending some time studying some words?

In particular, in summer a basic beach vocabulary is essential!

Let’s go through some useful words to learn.

Playa –> beach

Arena –> sand

Mar –> sea

Sombrilla –> beach umbrella

Chanclas –> flip flops

Tumbona –> beach chair

Pelota –> ball

Crema solar –> solar cream

Toalla –> beach towel

Bañador/Traje de baño –> swimsuit

Gafas de sol/Lentes de sol –> sunglasses

Salvavida –> lifeguard

Here you have some useful verbs to use!

Nadar –> to swim

Broncearse –> to tan

Tomar el sol –> to sunbathe

Quemarse al sol –> to sunburn

This simple vocabulary will make your life easier while in Spain!

You will be able to buy some basic stuff, speak to the lifeguard and ask for what you need.

And you will speak everyday with natives, testing your comprehension and ability to interact.

Don’t forget our great online resources to get ready before your holiday!

You can also watch some lovely video tutorials to practice a bit more and work on pronunciation.

Ready to go?

Spanish Beach Words