How can Spanish evening classes help you prepare your DELE B2 exam?

Even if not specific, your general Spanish evening classes are essential to get ready for a certification exam.

When you have such a big language goal, the first step is reaching the right level to pass the exam.

Many students approach a language exam skipping the hardest part: building their linguistic competence up to the level required.

How can you do that?

It definitely takes time, but if you attend your classes and put a big effort in your studies you can achieve your goal!

You need to cover all the necessary contents and to practise the language in order to acquire a certain level.

During your classes, you will have the opportunity to do so.

Once you are ready, you can start a specific exam’s preparation.

This means focusing on the exam’s practice through past papers and specific tasks.

What does B2 level mean for DELE?

At a B2 level, candidates are expected to be quite fluent and able to interact with native speakers about general topics expressing their opinions.

They should be able to talk about pros and cons of a situation and read texts about both concrete and abstract topics, understanding even technical texts.

How is the exam structured?

The DELE B2 exam consists of 4 sections, one for each ability.

The reading part lasts 70 minutes and includes 4 tasks.

The listening lasts 40 minutes and candidates face 5 tasks.

For the writing section, candidates have to do 2 tasks to be completed in 80 minutes.

The speaking section consists of 3 tasks in 20 minutes, plus 20 additional minutes for preparation.

So now you know how to move on!

Ready for this challenge?

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