Are you enjoying your Spanish evening classes at Happy Languages?

If you want to keep going with your Spanish evening classes, at Happy Languages you can find what you are looking for.

If you have studied for about 75 hours, the best course to take is the Elementary 3.

This course will prepare you to step into the Intermediate level.

So what will you be able to do by the end of this course?

You will easily talk about continuous actions in the past using the Present Perfect Continuous, for example to describe what you were doing yesterday when your friend called you.

You will also use Direct and Indirect Pronouns choosing the correct position in the sentence.

Finally, you will focus on the Indefinite Past and use it to talk about finished actions in the past.

After that, you will practice Simple Present, Present Perfect, Indefinite Past with nice activities in order to revise their uses and choose the right tense.

Your communication skill will be strongly enhanced as you will spend some time each lesson talking with your classmates about different topics.

During the course you will also refresh topics from the previous courses and consolidate your knowledge.

All our Spanish teachers are fully qualified and will make this journey even more enjoyable.

Selecting the most appropriate and fun games and activities and choosing lovely materials to use during the classes, they will guide and support you through the course.

As they have a specific experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, they can help you and give the best advice to move towards your goals.

Last but not least, your course will take place in a fabulous venue!

Our office in the Aldgate Tower offers you the opportunity to chill in a lovely lounge before your class, have a tea or coffee and relax a bit after work.

Have a look at some lovely pictures about our courses!

We reckon you can’t wait to start!