Our first week of Online Spanish Evening Classes in London is gone!

Due to the Coronavirus emergency, all our Spanish Evening Classes in London have been moved to the online platform Zoom.

So last Monday we started our online classes and…it was fun!

Online teaching and learning are quite dissimilar to classes in presence.

The biggest difference is the setting and interaction between students.

Being all together in a classroom or alone in front of a screen can make a big difference.

However, using designated platforms makes this learning experience really enjoyable!

Our teachers worked hard to adapt their materials, games and activities.

Also, they took advantage of all the amazing functions offered by Zoom to vary the type of activities and captivates students as much as possible.

The result is that students enjoyed their classes a lot!

They could carry on with the new grammar and vocabulary, share their ideas, listen to some conversations in Spanish, read some texts and speak in small groups or all together.

What kind of problems did we experience?

As for all the new starts, there are always some little problems to sort out.

One problem was related to technology: the internet connection of some participants broke up during a couple of lessons.

Anyway, it is easy to sort this out as students can access the virtual class again just following the link provided before the lesson.

At any time they can email the teacher and ask for help, so everything gets back to normal in minutes.

Another problem is, at the beginning, make everyone take actively part in the lesson.

This is absolutely normal as some students need a bit more time to get familiar with the new format of the lessons.

A good approach is splitting the class in small groups and let them work together so that everybody can speak freely and compare with other students.

So, are you ready for our second week online?