Have you ever come across Spanish false friends?

Spanish false friends are Spanish words that look very similar to English words, but have a totally different meaning.

If you are studying Spanish you have definitely noticed some of them!

It is very common to use a word because of its similarity with your mother tongue…and to realise that there is something wrong!

So, watch this lovely video tutorial to learn some common Spanish false friends.

For example lectura is the act of reading, not a class.

A class is una clase.

Asignaturas are the different subjects that you learn at school, not a signature.

If you want to talk about a signature you have to say una firma.

For example:

¿Cuál es tu asignatura preferida? –> Which is your favourite subject?

Parientes are the members of your family, not your parents.

Your parents are padres.

Suceso is an event that you can see on the news, for example:

Vi el suceso en las noticias –> I saw the event on the news.

If you want to talk about success, you have to say éxito.

Recordar is not to record, it means to remember.

If you want to say record, you have to say grabar.

Soportar is to support physically, when you support a team you have to say animar.

For example:

Yo animo el Deportivo –> I support Deportivo.

Sensato and sensible are the opposite to English, so sensato means sensible and sensible means sensitive.

Actualmente means now, not actually.

Actually is en realidad.

For example:

Actualmente soy profesora de español –> Now I am a Spanish teacher.

If you are costipado you have a cold…and not what you are thinking!

If you learn Spanish in London at Happy Languages, you will go through many Spanish false friends and work on them to avoid misunderstandings!

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