Do you know who the Three Magic Kings are?

Differently from other Christmas traditions, in Spain the most important festival for children is the Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Magos (Festival of the Three Magic Kings) on January 6, also known as Epiphany.

Christmas Day is also celebrated as in the whole Christian world but children receive only a small gift, waiting for the big gift opening on the 6th January.

In that day people celebrate the Three Kings or Wise Men who followed the a star to the birthplace of Jesus Christ and brought gifts to him: gold, incense and myrrh.

On the 5th many parades known as Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos take place throughout Spain.

These parades represent the journey made by the Three Kings to reach Baby Jesus: the Kings throw candy from their camels to the crowd and people bring umbrellas and keep them upside down in order to collect sweets during the procession.

During the day, children write a letter to the Wise Men to ask for what they would like to receive and before going to bed they leave shoes on windowsills or under the Christmas tree to be filled with their gifts.

Normally they also leave something to eat and drink for the Three Kings and their camels, so that they can rest for a while before continuing their travel.

On the 6th, after the gift opening, traditionally people have breakfast with the Roscón de Reyes, a delicious round cake decorated with candied fruit, a symbol of the gems which adorned the Wise Men clothes.

three magic kings

But careful, the cake contains two plastic wrapped figurines, a small king and a broad bean: if you find the king in your piece of cake you will have good luck for the rest of the year, if you find the bean you have to pay the cake!

What about your country? Do you celebrate the Festival of the Three Kings?

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