Do you enjoy watching some Spanish food channels on Youtube?

On Youtube you can find amazing Spanish food channels to learn how to make fantastic recipes: a nice way to improve your cooking skills!

Either if you look for videos in English or in Spanish, there are plenty of options you can browse through in order to find your favourite channels.

Some of them specialise in Spanish food, others offer a variety of recipes for any tastes: either way you will enjoy making something different and spending some time cooking!

This is our top 5 channels!

1 Spain on a Fork

A popular channel where you can find a huge number of Spanish recipes thoroughly explained in English.

You will enjoy the great variety of specialties, including vegan recipes to try!

2 Spanish Cooking

If you want to learn how to make some Spanish classic recipes, this channel might be the right choice: you can follow short and simple videos with subtitles in Spanish and English, which makes everything easier.

3 Master Choof

Happy to watch videos in Spanish? This is the channel for you!

Mouthwatering recipes to follow step by step for a great result: in the playlists you can also find typical dishes from Mallorca!

amazing spanish food channels on Youtube

4 Recetas de cocina 

In this channel you can learn how to cook some perfect Spanish dishes following the recipes entirely in Spanish!

The channel also includes recipes from other countries: a great challenge for cooking lovers!

5 ¡Que Viva La Cocina!

In this channel you can find a wide choice of recipes with detailed videos in Spanish: some have English subtitles, but the challenge is just listening to the instructions!

Start following them and try their recipes, it’s the best way to see which one is the best!

So you just have to pick a recipe tat you like, grab the ingredients and wear your apron!

What’s the first recipe you would like to prepare?

If you are passionate about Spanish food, follow this link.

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