Our Spanish group courses are keep going!

Since mid March, our Spanish group courses have been moved online due to the Covid-19 emergency.

Our students and teachers changed mode and started meeting regularly on Zoom.

Zoom is a great platform for language courses and everyone is enjoying the new experience!

And now the 11th week online has just come to an end!

Do you want to know more about what our students learnt?

This is what they did!

In the Beginner 3 class students talked about family.

They learnt all the family members in Spanish and how to use the possessive adjective with family nouns.

The Elementary 1 group talked about interior design, expressing opinions about what they like and dislike.

Also, they learnt some useful space expressions to describe a room.

Our Elementary 3 students studied the Present Continuous and worked on it through a number of nice activities.

In the Intermediate 2 lesson, our students focused on the Pretérito Indefinido.

They learnt some irregular forms and practised talking about their last winter holidays.

For our Intermediate 3 group things are getting more and more challenging!

They worked on Pretérito Perfecto, Pretérito Simple and Pretérito Imperfecto and talked about their childhood and youth.

So much going on!

Now our students have time to study and do their homework, waiting for the next class.

During the week, it’s good to have a look at our online resources and searching some video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

The more you practise the better!