Which Spanish Idiom do you prefer?

We bet there is a Spanish Idiom you love and use as much as possible!

Spanish idiomatic expressions are always very meaningful and perfectly convey an idea which is difficult to express in a different way.

Well…it is possible to try, but the result is never satisfying.

Besides, if you know idioms you can better understand native speakers: they often use expressions which are difficult to catch if you have never learned them!

A super nice Spanish idiom to have a look at is “Temblar como un flan”.

Do you know its meaning?

Literally it means “to shake like pudding”, which in English would be “to shake like jelly” or “like a leaf”.

You can use this idiom in any situations where someone is trembling, shaking or shivering.

These nice examples will help you understand!

Spanish English
Después de ver a su amado, empezó a temblar como un flan. After seeing her beloved, she started shaking like jelly.
Unos cinco minutos antes de saltar, me puse a temblar como un flan. About five minutes before it was time to go… I started shaking like a leaf.
Deberías calentarte un poco, estás temblando como un flan! You should warm up a bit, you are shivering!


Either if you are shaking for fear or because you are freezing, this is the right expression to use!

Do you know a similar expression in your language?

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