Have you just read the Spanish Idiom “Tener sangre azul”?

If you came across this Spanish Idiom, it might be difficult to understand what it means.

If you translate word by word, the result would be “to have blue blood“, which means “to be from a royal family, from the nobility“.

In English we would use the equivalent “to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth“.

Do you know why blue blood is associated to wealth?

There are different explanations of this nice expression.

The first one relates the blue blood to the colour of noble people’s skin: as in the past they didn’t sunbathe, they were so pale that it was possible to see the blue veins underneath.

Another explanation comes from the habit of using silver cutlery, plates and cups: rich people used to benefit from the properties of silver, which in the long term made them immune to a number of diseases.

The little particles of silver mixed to food gave a bluish colour to their blood.

Interesting, isn’t it?

When do we use this Spanish idiom?

Well, in general we can use it when someone is very fussy about everything.

For example, if a friend is always picky about food, it is common to use this expression to make fun of him.

Let’s go through some examples!

Spanish English
¿Por qué eres tan exquisita?! Ni que tuvieras sangre azul! Why are you so picky?Are you an aristocrat?
No le gusta esto bar. Ese chico tiene sangre azul! He doesn’t like this bar. This guy has blue blood!
¿Por qué no quieres comer aquí? ¿Tienes sangre azul? Why don’t you want to eat here? Are you born with a silver spoon in your mouth?

We are pretty sure you know someone to use it!

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