How many Spanish idioms do you know?

If you are curious about Spanish idioms and always looking for more, you must have come across the expression “Estar más sano que una pera“.

Sometimes it is really interesting to find out that some idioms have equivalents in a number of other languages: even though the literal meaning is not exactly the same, they express the same idea.

This is the case of “Estar más sano que una pera“: similar idioms exist in many other languages and are used in the same context.

So, what does it mean?

Literally, it means “to be healthier than a pear” and refers to someone who is very healthy and feels very well.

In English, we would say “fit as a fiddle”: as you can see, different words but same meaning!

Have a look at these examples!

Spanish English 
No voy a descuidar mi dieta, justo ahora que estoy más sano que una pera. I’m not going to stop my diet, especially now that I am fit as a fiddle.
Mi abuela tiene 85 años, pero está más sana que una pera. My grandmother is 85, but she’s as fit as a fiddle.
El doctor dice que estoy más sano que una pera. The doctor says that I am in very good health.


Do you know a similar expression in another language?

We would be curious to know how they sound!

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