1PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE REVIEW I (WISHES, EMOTIONS, IMPERSONAL). Review Activity: Past Conversation. Refreshing Present Subjunctive Uses: Wishes, Emotions, and Impersonal. Activities: Conjugation, completing examples, conversation, presentation and discussion.
2PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE REVIEW II (WISHES, EMOTIONS, IMPERSONAL). Review Activity: Ser, Estar and Haber in Past tenses. Refreshing expressions for Wishes, Emotions and Impersonal Statements in Present Subjunctive. Activities: Conjugation and examples, choosing topic, conversation, and presentation.
 3PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE. PROBABILITY I. Review Activity: Complete with Prepositions. Probability Use, Examples, and Expressions in Present Subjunctive. Degree of probability. Differences between Indicative and Subjunctive. Activities: Conjugation and examples, formulating questions, conversation, reading and discussion.
4PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE. PROBABILITY II. Review Activity: Comparatives. Practicing with probability degrees in the future. Activities: Conjugation and examples, answering questions, conversation, and presentation.
5PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE. REQUESTS AND NEEDS I. Review Activity: Conversation in Conditional. Requests and needs Use, Examples, Expressions, and Differences between Indicative and Subjunctive. Activities: conjugation, writing examples, explicative video, situational conversation.
6PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE. REQUESTS AND NEEDS II. Review Activity: Translating using Verbal Periphrasis. Practicing with requests and needs in Present Subjunctive. Activities: conjugation and examples, video: filing gaps and conversation, role game and presentation.
7PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE. REQUESTS AND NEEDS III. Review Activity: Conversation using Direct and Indirect Pronouns. Practicing with requests and needs in Present Subjunctive. Activities: conjugation, song: filling gaps and comprehension, role game and presentation.
8PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE. RECOMMENDATIONS AND ADVICES I. Review Activity: Complete with Connectors. Recommendations and Advices Use, Examples and Expressions. Activities: conjugation, completing examples, situations: reading and conversation.
9PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE. RECOMMENDATIONS AND ADVICES II. Review Activity: Complete with different tenses. Practicing with recommendations and advices in Present Subjunctive. Activities: conjugation, role game: question formulation, conversation, and presentation.
 10PRESENTE SUBJUNCTIVE. PROBABILITY II + REVIEW. Probability Practice: Situations in the Future, Role Games. Review: Activities using all course content.